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  1. Area affected by bushfire on Fraser Island

    'Leave immediately': Bushfire approaches township in Australia's Fraser Island

    Australian authorities on Monday asked residents of a coastal township in the world heritage listed Fraser Island to "leave immediately" after a ...
  2. Bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic catapulted Australia into economic crisis | Video
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    Bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic catapulted Australia into economic crisis | Video

    Australia experienced an unprecedented bushfire crisis last summer, with more than 24 million hectares scorched. Danielle Robertson explores how ...
  3. Climate Crisis
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    Climate Crisis

    Bushfires in Australia. Deforestation in Amazon. Rising sea levels in Mumbai. CNA Correspondent examines the combination of causes - human and nature.
  4. Onlookers congregate amidst the easing of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions to watch

    Australia to resume tourism to bushfire-hit Victoria as COVID-19 cases stay low

    Australia set out measures to resume tourism to Victoria's rural regions, ravaged by bushfires and then the coronavirus, after a testing blitz in ...
  5. Fire raging

    How the Australian bushfires have impacted the country’s wine industry

    At least a dozen Australian winemakers will not produce a 2020 vintage because of the fires, which have burnt more than 11 million hectares of ...
  6. hot weather dry grass Singapore

    Commentary: Rising temperatures, fires and floods highlight importance of understanding weather extremes

    The day-to-day impact of climate change on our lives are felt through extreme or abnormal weather events, says Adam Switzer from the Asian School ...
  7. Pedestrians brave strong wind and rain in Sydney

    Bushfires, cyclone, torrential rain hit Australia's coasts

    Severe bushfires burned through parts of Western Australia on Sunday, with other areas of the state dealing with the aftermath of a powerful ...