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  1. simon ng 1

    Meet the cabby who doesn’t just pick up passengers

    Simon Ng is the founder of We Care at Woodgrove, a food distribution point for the elderly that operates every day of the year.
  2. New Content Item

    SMRT working to expand hourly taxi rental scheme

    More than 1,000 cabbies have signed up for the scheme - an alternative to the traditional daily leasing.
  3. Cabby

    Putting the brakes on abuse: How can taxi and bus drivers work safely?

    While cases of physical violence are generally isolated in Singapore, cabbies and bus captains say they are experiencing verbal abuse more often.
  4. Transcab

    Trans-cab slashes taxi rentals amid growing competition

    Trans-cab's move comes shortly after the Land Transport Authority announced it would relax taxi availability standards in January next year.