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  1. People practice social distancing at a cafe in the city centre, following the easing of restriction

    Commentary: What we lose when coffee shops around workplaces close for good

    The closure of cafes around Silicon Valley shows the tech community needs physical places to meet, program, pitch, make deals and brainstorm, says ...
  2. Barista Jin from Panya Cafe

    Barista with Down Syndrome becomes social media sensation in Thailand

    In a small roadside café of Bangkok, a barista with Down Syndrome works hard to fight social stigma and show what people with learning ...
  3. Cafes and restaurants at The Capitol Kempinski

    Foodie Capitol: 6 dining venues to check out at The Capitol Kempinski

    A retro American diner, an updated German beer garden and four other establishments vie for your attention.
  4. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Excuse me, are you a hipster? How consumerism and affluence fuelled the rise of a youth subculture

    The rise of a "hipster" culture in Singapore is shaping the country's cultural, physical and consumer landscapes.