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  1. Damon and Jake Wong

    The Cameron Highlands farmers supplying ethical, organic produce to Singapore

    A collective of farmers growing cold-climate European herbs, vegetables and edible flowers in Cameron Highlands, Weeds & More is proving that ...
  2. LiewMainFarmer

    Where your veggies come from: Sweat and toil of a farmer in Cameron Highlands

    CNA visited a farmer at Cameron Highlands, who shares the challenges of growing, harvesting and packing fresh produce every day, including ...
  3. VeggiePluck

    Gap in vegetable supply chain puts Cameron Highlands farmers in overdrive before CNY

    Vegetables in Singapore could get costlier in the coming days, as farms grapple with high demand and unpredictable weather.
  4. Lo Chin Hong

    48 hours on the road: Life of a Malaysian trucker who delivers vegetables to Singapore

    CNA rode with a lorry driver from Pasir Panjang to Cameron Highlands and back, to experience first-hand the challenges of delivering fresh produce ...