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  1. Man working at desk

    Sitting all day may increase your risk of dying from cancer

    Need another reason to move? Sedentary behaviour was linked to an increased risk of fatal cancer.
  2. Oscar Saxelby-Lee (2)

    ‘Our little miracle’: British boy who came to Singapore for treatment for aggressive cancer heads home

    Before he left the UK for Singapore more than six months ago, doctors told Oscar Saxelby-Lee’s family he had no treatment options left. Now in ...
  3. Oscar Saxelby-Lee free of cancer for six months after undergoing cancer treatment in Singapore

    British boy who came to Singapore for treatment for aggressive cancer is ‘almost ready to go home’

    Oscar Saxelby-Lee is almost six months free of cancer, after coming to Singapore for an experimental, compassionate treatment for acute ...
  4. New Content Item

    More aggressive, spreads quickly: Why small cell lung cancers are hard to beat

    A new first-line treatment option has been approved for people battling extensive-stage small cell lung cancer, an aggressive disease strongly ...
  5. (kd) critical illness

    Commentary: Cancer patients are a vulnerable group during COVID-19. But that can be helped

    Increasing evidence suggests that cancer patients have an elevated risk of COVID-19 infection and are more likely to have higher morbidity and ...

    Olympics: Lowe aims high after clearing cancer

    American high jump champion Chaunte Lowe is fuelled by a desire to show people that they can overcome any challenge as she trains for her fifth ...