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  1. NYT photo when life throws you a curveball

    When life throws you curveballs, embrace the ‘new normal’

    For patients with life-altering illnesses or anyone just getting older, it helps to roll with the punches and make the best of the here and now.
  2. What to Say to Someone With Cancer

    Here's what to say to someone with cancer

    Don't tell bad-news stories or be falsely optimistic. Do offer to organise closets or send eight pints of ice cream.
  3. Oscar Saxelby-Lee in Singapore (3)

    British boy, 5, in Singapore for experimental treatment for 'uncontrollable' cancer

    Oscar Saxelby-Lee has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - an aggressive cancer that has rejected all forms of treatment. The five-year-old from the UK ...
  4. FWD Main

    Protect yourself, if and when

    In the month of Movember – which recognises the importance of men’s health – more men need to know that early detection of cancer and a good ...