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  1. US President Donald Trump's government promotes masks to fight COVID-19 but he won't wear

    Commentary: The US was just not built to handle COVID-19

    The roots of the disastrous American response to the pandemic go beyond partisan politics and run deep, say Professor Roman Frydman and Gernot Wagner.
  2. Preparations for the annual WEF meeting in Davos

    Capitalism seen doing 'more harm than good' in global survey

    A majority of people around the world believe capitalism in its current form is doing more harm than good, a survey found ahead of this week's ...
  3. The Berlin Wall comes down in November 1989, with some East German border guards demolishing one

    Commentary: History was supposed to end after the Berlin Wall fell – 30 years on, it hasn’t

    Despite the triumph that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was to be no golden age of liberal democracy, says a historian.
  4. Chinese-made cars waiting to be loaded on a ship for export in Lianyungang, in China's eastern

    Commentary: China must make its huge domestic market size a source of growth

    China must fundamentally transform its growth model and ensure the generation of greater income growth within its domestic market, says Fudan ...
  5. WEF founder Schwab addresses the attendees during the official opening session of the Annual Meetin

    Commentary: We have entered the age of stakeholder capitalism. The role of business has changed

    Businesses and governments must end short-termism, and focus on goals and scorecards that look at sustainability and well-being, says Klaus Schwab.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Disappearing money and labour's diminishing share of income

    Workers' wages have stayed stagnant for decades despite economies growing, says one observer.
  7. Cleaner Singapore

    Commentary: Amid concerns over dollars and cents, is there no room for social responsibility?

    We need to step back to fairly measure the true value of the work that low-wage workers do, in order to ensure progression, dignity and fairness ...