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  1. Smart cars Jaguar Land Rover

    Look ma, no hands: How our cars use driver-assistive tech to keep us safe

    From Honda Sensing to Nissan’s ProPilot Assist, adaptive technologies are becoming standard features in newer models, but we are still some years ...
  2. BMW 7 Series Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    Like a boss: How two flagship sedans from BMW and Mercedes-Benz stack up

    The full-size saloon remains a status symbol despite luxury MPV alternatives and the SUV craze.
  3. Forget online shopping, people are buying really expensive cars on Instagram

    Forget showrooms, people are buying really expensive cars on Instagram

    Most of these transactions happened based on a single post or an Instagram Story.
  4. SUV Coupes

    Coupe de grace: How the SUV coupe offers the best of both worlds

    The crossover coupe combines the space and usability of an SUV with the dynamic styling and handling of a two-door coupe.
  5. Bentley 100th anniversary EXP 100 GT

    The Bentley EXP 100 GT is what the future of sustainable motoring looks like

    The British superluxury car manufacturer celebrates its centenary with a sneak peek at what its grand tourer, circa 2035, could look like.
  6. Most expensive cars

    Feast your eyes on 10 of the most expensive cars ever produced

    These cars may be pretty, but they also cost a pretty penny.
  7. Porsche 911

    How to tell the new Porsche 911 apart from its predecessors

    Even to the most committed car enthusiast, a new Porsche 911 – the latest version of which was just launched in Singapore – can be hard to tell ...
  8. Lexus LC

    How Lexus interprets the uniquely Japanese spirit of omotenashi

    You might have come across the term omotenashi on your travels. But just how does omotenashi translate to a car? CNA Luxury journeys to Japan to ...
  9. Made-In-Vietnam: The country's first homegrown cars are set to be delivered on June 17

    Commentary: Vietnam bets big on a homegrown US$17,000 hatchback

    The VinFast Fadil has strong prospects, because of good timing and corporate backing, says NUS Business School’s Professor Andrew Delios.
  10. BMW X7

    Powering through Poland: Taking the first-ever BMW X7 for a spin

    It’s life in the luxe lane as motoring reporter Jamie Nonis takes BMW’s largest SUV ever on a road trip through the European countryside.