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  1. FILE PHOTO: Mexican Grand Prix

    Formula One aims for zero carbon footprint by 2030

    Formula One set out its first ever sustainability plan on Tuesday with the aim of achieving a net zero-carbon footprint for the sport by 2030.
  2. Formula One F1 - Mexican Grand Prix

    Hamilton says he is trying hard to reduce carbon footprint

    Lewis Hamilton detailed on Thursday how he was trying to reduce his carbon footprint and defended his right to speak out on environmental issues ...
  3. An aeroplane departs Gatwick airport

    Commentary: Carbon emissions? Sorry but I will keep flying until someone stops me

    As calls to curb the carbon emissions from flying grow, how wise is it to reduce gloval travel on this flimsy pretext? University of Western ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: China’s impressive record in climate change fuels questions of global leadership

    China’s moves to adopt clean energy and continued strong backing of the Paris Agreement are laudable but the country still has some way to go, ...