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    Commentary: Why we need the opposite of a carbon tax to reduce emissions

    Despite its apparent simplicity, the accomplishments of carbon taxes over the last decade have been underwhelming, says an observer.
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    Talking about the Madrid climate talks, what happened and what’s next?

    Two weeks of UN climate talks in Madrid left many wanting. Was it all doom and gloom? What can youth passionate about climate change learn from ...
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    Commentary: The Green New Deal from Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez isn’t so crazy after all

    The transition to a carbon-neutral economy is bound to make us worse off before it makes us better off and the most vulnerable segments of society ...
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    Carbon tax bill passed amid concerns over its impact on competitiveness

    The Carbon Pricing Bill sets out a framework for implementing the carbon tax, including the measurement, reporting and verification requirements.
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    Commentary: Carbon tax a conscientious approach for a sustainable future

    Where the announced carbon tax rate at Budget 2018 has seen a downward revision from a previously mentioned range, two experts discuss the merits ...