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  1. office workers at work

    Commentary: Team-building exercises can be a waste of time

    Social networks are built on connections between individuals and require deep one-on-one conversations, say University of Sydney's Julien Pollack ...
  2. Screen time smartphone iPad laptop

    Commentary: Long hours at the office could be killing you

    Workaholism can turn into a potentially fatal disorder, says University of Warwick's Shainaz Firfiray.
  3. Two person shaking hands at job interview, work meeting

    Commentary: Tattoos, being overweight or dressing casually - do looks affect your chances of getting hired?

    Is it time to redefine professionalism? Founder and managing director of NeXT Career Consulting Group Paul Heng explores if and why employers ...
  4. musical paralysis headphones

    Commentary: Working with background music may boost your productivity

    But you should note that the optimal level of noise could be different for everyone, says Edith Cowan University's Onno van der Groen.
  5. Man sitting on a bed.

    Commentary: Always tired yet can’t fall asleep? It’s a wake-up call to sleep better

    Insomnia can persist and when entrenched can be a misery. So start sleeping better now, says Duke-NUS Medical School’s Michael Chee.
  6. A man tired from working in the office. (Photo: Pixabay)

    Commentary: Should you cry at work? Answers to some very personal work life questions

    When staff get angry or weepy, managers can help steer a path back to normalcy, says the Financial Times' Andrew Hill.
  7. Students wait in line to enter the University of California, Berkeley's electrical engineering

    Commentary: What 2019’s graduating jobseekers need to know – four recession-proof strategies

    Don’t despair in the maze of finding a job. Graduates need to believe that they have something valuable to contribute to the world, says Forest ...
  8. Singapore office workers

    The Big Read: As headwinds grow, fresh grads adjust job expectations, embrace short-term contracts

    While companies that are growing are still keen to hire and groom young talent, the increasingly cautious outlook could dampen the rise of ...
  9. Jeremy Tong Mount Everest traffic jam

    Commentary: The journey up your career Everest is full of challenges. Here's how to conquer it

    Your journey up the career ladder requires more than just your work experience, says HR expert Adrian Tan.
  10. A man tired from working in the office. (Photo: Pixabay)

    Commentary: Do you manage upwards well? Do you say no to your boss?

    There are creative ways that managers can use to manage leadership priorities and demanding, new goals, says the Financial Times' Andrew Hill.