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  1. Enrique Rico a developer at Avvo an online marketplace for legal services in Seattle Washington

    Living the tech dream, thanks to a novel apprenticeship program

    While growing up in Seattle, Enrique Rico's mom cleaned the posh homes of Microsoft employees. When Rico tagged along on sick days from school, he ...
  2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plans for job quotas for 'upper caste poor' would

    Modi plans jobs quota for India's 'upper caste poor'

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government announced plans Monday to set aside a quota of government jobs for poorer members of India's upper ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A sign marks the Raytheon offices in Woburn

    Boeing wins US$400 million US defence contract - Pentagon

    Boeing Co has been awarded a US$400 million U.S. defence contract for B-1 and B-52 bomber engineering services, the Pentagon said on Friday.
  4. FILE PHOTO: A job seeker walks past a corridor of a commercial building in Tokyo

    In Japan, a scramble for new workers disrupts traditional hiring

    It's a rite of spring in Japan: Major corporations hire fresh university graduates en masse every April, starting them all at the same salary with ...
  5. Filipina Gladys Gayeta, 22, a trainee at Starlite Co. car parts factory, works with her fellow trai

    Japan opens door wider to foreign blue-collar workers despite criticism

    Japan, in a major policy shift, enacted on Saturday a law to let in more foreign, blue-collar workers to ease a labour shortage, despite criticism ...
  6. Filipina Gladys Gayeta, 22, a trainee at Starlite Co. car parts factory, works with her fellow trai

    As Japan considers allowing more foreigners, tiny rural town wants to go further

    Brazilian Luan Dartora Taniuti settled in the remote municipality of Akitakata in southwest Japan when he was nine. Leonel Maia of East Timor has ...
  7. New Content Item

    Finau joins Stenson, Rahm in lead at World Challenge

  8. NASA

    NASA to review workplace safety culture at SpaceX, Boeing

  9. FILE PHOTO: A city view shows La Sorbonne University as part of the skyline in Paris, France

    French universities to offer more courses in English to attract foreign students

    France wants to boost the number of foreign students at its universities by more than half over the next decade and will offer more courses taught ...