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  1. Elderly girl Singapore

    Commentary: Grandparents are increasingly indispensable

    There are more grandparents in the world now and having them around allow mutual support, and help with childcare, says one observer.
  2. A laundry basket in a home.

    Commentary: Are women still expected to do most of the housework?

    The gender gap in housework seems to be narrowing but women still carry the load, says one observer from the University of Melbourne.
  3. special needs adults 1

    Increased support for caregivers of people with disabilities

    They will get their own support space at the Enabling Village, and the process for hiring foreign help will be made simpler.
  4. Sick child - palliative care

    Commentary: More than a village needed to raise youths with complex care needs

    We need to support youths living with congenital conditions. They have significant complex care needs but have little public visibility, says Dr ...
  5. New Content Item

    Public servants to have up to 6 months' parental leave per couple

    The introduction of an additional four weeks of unpaid infant care leave per parent from July is to help close the potential 'caregiving gap' ...
  6. New Content Item

    New 5-year roadmap moots more help for caregivers of those with disabilities

    Drafted by a 22-member steering committee, the third masterplan comes after a series of consultations involving more than 400 members of the ...
  7. New Content Item

    40-60% of caregivers of dementia patients suffer from ‘significant stress’: TTSH study

    TTSH is also worried about another trend - caregivers have been showing signs of feeling inadequate when it comes to taking care of their loved ...
  8. New Content Item

    MSF to reduce disadvantages faced by children of unwed parents

    Unwed mothers will benefit from Government-paid maternity leave, but legislation will need to be amended to make this happen, says Minister for ...
  9. elderly singapore

    MOH will study possibility of legislating eldercare leave for employees: Gan

    The overall leave provision already put in place by employers and the caregiving needs of workers must also be taken into consideration, says ...
  10. New Content Item

    Engagement sessions to be held on women’s perspectives, aspirations

    Led by a team of seven women Members of Parliament (MPs) and former MP Penny Low, the project will encompass four themes reflecting areas of ...