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  1. FILE PHOTO: Newly elected regional leader of Catalonia Quim Torra and his predecessor Carles Puigde

    German court rules can extradite ex-Catalan leader for misuse of public funds

    A German court ruled on Thursday that a request to extradite former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont on the charge of misusing public funds was ...
  2. Quim Torra

    Spain PM and Catalonia's new separatist leader ready to meet

  3. Newly elected regional leader of Catalonia Quim Torra and his predecessor Carles Puigdemont attend

    New Catalan leader calls for end of direct rule by Madrid

    New Catalan leader Quim Torra on Tuesday called for an end to direct rule over the Catalan regional government by Madrid in a joint news ...
  4. Quim Torra

    Hardline separatist Torra appointed leader of Catalonia

  5. Quim Torra, the candidate proposed by former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to head the regional

    Catalan secessionists poised to elect new regional leader in second vote

    A small Catalan separatist party said on Sunday it would abstain in a second vote to elect a regional leader paving the way for pro-independence ...
  6. Candidate for head of Catalan regional government Quim Torra arrives to the parliament in Barcelona

    Catalan parliament to vote on new leader on Saturday

    Catalonia's parliament is to vote to approve a new leader of the region on Saturday, in the fifth attempt to form a government since the last ...
  7. Carles Puigdemont

    Former Catalan leader proposes candidate for regional government

    Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont said on Thursday he proposed member of parliament Quim Torra as candidate for head of the Catalan ...
  8. Catalonia's former leader Puigdemont meets his party's leadership in Berlin

    Spain's constitutional court suspends Catalan law to elect Puigdemont

    The Spanish Constitutional Court has suspended a law that would have allowed the Catalan parliament to vote in former leader Carles Puigdemont as ...
  9. Catalonia's former leader Carles Puigdemont addresses a news conference in Berlin

    Spain moves to block Catalan ex-leader forming government

    Spain acted on Wednesday to block pro-independence politicians in Catalonia from voting in ex-leader Carles Puigdemont, now in Germany, as their ...