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    Commentary: When Go-Jek enters Singapore, what consumers, drivers and delivery services can expect

    Go-Jek had announced plans in May to enter Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries in the next few months. NUS Business School’s Nitin ...
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    Man arrested in mobile phone purchase scam on Carousell

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    Man arrested for cheating e-scooter buyers on Carousell

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    ‘Convenience at a risk’: When buying cosmetics online turns ugly

    Authorities advise discretion in the face of “widespread circulation” online of cosmetic products - which, contaminated or otherwise, are in fact ...
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    Two men arrested for Coldplay concert tickets scam

    Victims did not receive the tickets after transferring the money to the seller on Carousell, police say.
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    iPhone 7 scam on Carousell: Man jailed 16 months

    Cai Jiaxiang cheated 15 victims into parting with a total of S$10,370 in less than a month.