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  1. Porsche 911

    How to tell the new Porsche 911 apart from its predecessors

    Even to the most committed car enthusiast, a new Porsche 911 – the latest version of which was just launched in Singapore – can be hard to tell ...
  2. Lexus LC

    How Lexus interprets the uniquely Japanese spirit of omotenashi

    You might have come across the term omotenashi on your travels. But just how does omotenashi translate to a car? CNA Luxury journeys to Japan to ...
  3. BMW X7

    Powering through Poland: Taking the first-ever BMW X7 for a spin

    It’s life in the luxe lane as motoring reporter Jamie Nonis takes BMW’s largest SUV ever on a road trip through the European countryside.
  4. Volkswagen Touareg

    Why the latest Volkswagen Touareg is such a torque-ing point

    It’s Volkswagen’s most technologically-advanced SUV, and replaces the discontinued Phaeton as the company’s new flagship.
  5. FILE PHOTO: BYD hybrid electric SUV model Yuan is displayed during the Auto China 2016 auto show in

    Commentary: The electric vehicle revolution will be born in China

    China electric cars are inexpensive and efficient, says visiting scholar at Vanderbilt University Jack Barkenbus.
  6. Six of the top 10 most expensive cars sold at auction were produced by Ferrari

    Wheeling and dealing: The 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction

    Ferrari rules the roost with six cars in the top 10.
  7. child car seat

    Car-seat naps outside the car put babies at risk

  8. Roger Dubuis SIHH 2019 HERO

    What happens when a watchmaker, a carmaker and a tyre maker jump in bed

    The three-way between Roger Dubuis, Lamborghini and Pirelli has yielded the Excalibur One-Off, a unique piece that boasts design elements inspired ...
  9. 90s Japanese Cult Cars HERO

    Here’s why collectors are snapping up vintage Japanese performance cars

    Remember the classic Mazda RX-7s and Honda Integras from the 90s? Well, they and their Nipponese brethren are now piquing tremendous interest from ...
  10. Hero Lamborgini

    Million-dollar machines: The Lamborghini Huracan Evo debuts in Singapore

    A mid-life refresh for the Lamborghini Huracan sees it gain some cosmetic tweaks and even more power.