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  1. Stan Lee rose through the ranks to become a comics writer, and eventually led the Marvel empire for

    Commentary: Lessons from San Jose and Stan Lee as Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts enter new phase

    The momentum in Singapore’s Smart Nation drive has picked up but this doesn’t guarantee adoption of upcoming services and technologies, says ...
  2. Shopping Mall Malaysia

    NETS payment now available for Singapore shoppers in Malaysia

  3. The SGQR code displayed at a Toastbox outlet at the 100AM mall

    Singapore rolls out unified payment QR code SGQR in latest cashless push

    Dubbed the world’s first unified payment QR code, the SGQR is compatible with 27 payment schemes, such as PayNow and NETS, and will be deployed ...
  4. Singtel Dash

    Common Singapore QR code to be rolled out next year

  5. qr code at tanjong pagar plaza food centre

    Banks in Singapore to use NETS QR code for cashless payments

    By mid-2018, all of NETS’ payment points will be enabled with QR code capabilities.
  6. QPay merchant 1

    For some micro-retailers, Qoo10’s e-wallet solves actual pain points

    The e-commerce platform hopes to drive online traffic to physical stores with its QPay system, helping small, often nomadic, businesses adopt ...
  7. cashless payments 1

    Going cashless at hawker centres: Challenges and opportunities

    Despite the push for QR code payment at hawker centres, stall holders and consumers seem hesitant to make the switch. What are the barriers, and ...