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  1. Mikhail Galin

    Cat-shaming: Russian loses airline miles over fat pet swap

  2. Participants looks at a screen projecting a world map with climate anomalies during the World Clima

    Climate policies put world on track for 3.3C warming: CAT study

    Average world temperatures are on track to far exceed the central goal set in the 2015 Paris Agreement on limiting global warming, a study showed ...
  3. two faced cat 2

    Rare South African kitten born with two faces

  4. cat stuck in mailbox

    Cat rescued after being trapped in letterbox in Bukit Batok

  5. G20 water cannon

    Smoke on the water: Hamburg under siege for G20

  6. Daniel tay 2

    I won’t replace humans with a machine, says food entrepreneur Daniel Tay

    To take his Asian-inspired cheesecakes to the global market, the pastry guru is investing in automated technology – but not at the expense of ...
  7. Cat on a ledge courtesy of CWS

    Average of 5 cats found dead monthly after falling from a height: CWS

    A vast majority of cats who fall from heights - about 95 per cent - are pet cats rather than community cats which roam around the estate and are ...
  8. cat death at marsiling 1

    Cat found dead at Marsiling block in case of alleged abuse

    Ms Irdhawany, 22, said in a post on Twitter that her cat had died in a 'senseless act of violence' on Friday night.