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  1. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants

    Commentary: Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - that's why we value dogs more than cats

    No matter how cute and cuddly cats may be, they can’t compete with dogs, says New York Institute of Technology's Colleen P Kirk.
  2. Marine Terrace cat 1

    Marine Parade Town Council apologises for 'relocating' 2 cats

  3. AVA puppies2

    ‘I cried every day’: Why Singapore’s vets might be depressed

    Studies around the world have long indicated a greater tendency for animal doctors to take their own lives. Now, in Singapore, the issue of mental ...
  4. Messi, a two-year-eight-month-old cougar, the family pet of Maria and Aleksandr Dmitriev, looks on

    Russia's Messi, a puma - star in his own right

    Barely 20 months ago a Russian couple were oblivious of the basic rules of soccer. Now they are ardent fans and the transformation can only be ...
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    Soccer: Russia's Messi, a puma - star in his own right

  6. Ed Sheeran cat cafe 1

    Feline friends: Ed Sheeran waxwork unveiled at cat cafe

    Ed Sheeran has played to packed stadiums around the world - now he, or rather a wax figure of him, can add a cat cafe to the list of locations.
  7. Two baby bobcats surrendered to an animal shelter in San Antonio

    'Hello kitties' turns to 'beware bobcats' in Texas

    With big blues eyes and stubby tails, two kittens taken in by a San Antonio family looked adorable until the fiery seven-week-old felines ripped ...
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    AVA appoints Cat Welfare Society to mediate cat-related issues