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  1. Hermes dog carrier

    7 stylish pet accessories for when you’re taking your furkid out for a walk

    Who says your furbaby can’t get glammed up when heading out of the house?
  2. Ang Mo Kio cat slasher

    Commentary: Do we need to do more to protect our community cats?

    Animal cruelty has no place in our society and nobody should want to see a sentient being experience unnecessary pain or suffering, says SPCA’s ...
  3. Hermes dog bed

    Pamper your pooch: 5 luxury pet accessories to spoil your furkids

    You’ve got impeccable style, and there’s no reason why your furkids shouldn’t live as glamorously as you do.
  4. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
    Media playtime

    Responsible pet ownership in Singapore's flats – it's not just about size

    Larger local mixed-breed dogs can now be rehomed in HDB flats under revised rules. But why is there a size limit in the first place? Why not lift ...
  5. Cat pexels 2_mod

    Is your pet cat or dog really happy you’re at home all the time – or stressed out?

    For some animals, your constant presence might be causing them stress. Here’s what you can do to make “circuit breaker” living a happy, healthy ...
  6. Dog walking, pug

    Commentary: Few bad dogs but many bad owners. But even that can be changed

    The relaxed restrictions on dogs that can be rehomed in HDB flats are to be welcomed but it’s far more important to tackle poor habits some dog ...