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    Commentary: A trade deal needs Chinese Communist Party leadership consolidation. Will the US take it?

    Consolidation is required to maintain a pragmatic, flexible, and strategic approach to managing systemic risks and addressing internal concerns ...
  2. A TV screen shows a live news broadcast of Chinese President Xi Jinping introducing his Politburo S

    Commentary: Sweeping changes underway in China, in pursuit of a 'better life'

    A set of institutional reforms are being implemented by the decisions of the 13th National People’s Congress, in pursuit of aspirations of China's ...
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    Commentary: What will Xi Jinping say about Taiwan at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress?

    The Chinese president has a huge opportunity to shape China’s statement of policy on cross-strait relations. Brookings Institute’s Richard C Bush ...
  4. Increasing prosperity is a key part of the Communist Party's claim to legitimacy in China, and

    Commentary: The changing meaning of political legitimacy for the Chinese Communist Party

    In the lead-up to the 19th party congress, Bo Zhiyue discusses the CCP’s challenge of maintaining its political legitimacy, amid the Chinese ...
  5. File photo China and Australia flags

    China attempting to influence Australian society through students, politics: Reports

    Attempts by China to exert influence in Australia are posing a threat to the nation’s sovereignty, according to an investigation released in ...