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  1. Pacific Northwest Heat Wave

    Unprecedented: Northwest US heat wave builds, records fall

    Intense. Prolonged. Record-breaking. Unprecedented. Abnormal. Dangerous.
  2. Germany Weather

    Germany aims for net zero emissions by 2045, 5 years earlier

    German officials proposed on Wednesday (May 5) that the country could bring forward the date for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to “net ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuerzburg

    Super-cold container firm va-Q-tec expands to meet COVID-19 vaccine demand

    Cold-storage specialist va-Q-tec is significantly expanding its fleet of 2,500 rental containers to meet growing demand to transport COVID-19 ...
  4. A dried out lake stands near the Navajo Nation town of Thoreau on Jun 06, 2019 in Thoreau

    Hotter temperatures could kill 2,000 more a year in US: Study

    A rise in temperature of just two degrees Celsius could lead to an additional 2,100 deaths from injuries every year in the United States, ...