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    Commentary: Should central banks be allowed to own shares?

    The central banks of Japan and Switzerland have become aggressive buyers of equities, with consequences that are hard to predict, says one observer.
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    European stocks rise as US Fed Reserve meets

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    European markets mostly fall as central banks in focus

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    World markets stall before Fed rate call

  5. Asia markets

    Dollar extends gains on US tax hopes but Asia markets sink

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    ECB engineers euro ebb

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    Singapore, Japan sign bilateral local currency swap agreement

    The agreement allows for the exchange of local currencies between the two central banks of up to S$15 billion, or 1.1 trillion yen, according to ...
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    China facing possible debt crisis: Bank watchdog

    China's banking sector could be facing an imminent debt crisis, a global central bank watchdog has warned, fuelling fresh fears of a blowout in ...