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  1. SMRT baby saved

    Child who turned blue saved by quick actions of SMRT staff

    Station manager William and assistant manager Kuldip have been praised for their public-spiritedness and courage after helping a young boy who had ...
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    Certis Cisco officer dies after accident at Tuas Checkpoint

    A 28-year-old driver has been arrested for causing death by a rash act.
  3. french police

    Former auxiliary police officer jailed 5 months for firing revolver

    Gregory Lai Kar Jun, then a corporal at Certis Cisco, had fired his revolver into the floor of a small room at Tuas Checkpoint while on duty in ...
  4. french police

    Former Certis Cisco officer found guilty of firing weapon during game

    Gregory Lai Kar Jun, 23, fired his gun during a game akin to Russian roulette in a confined space with his colleague Muhammad Dzul Adhar close by.
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    Long hours, thankless job: Singapore's security sector struggles to secure talent

    The private security industry's manpower shortage is in the spotlight after two auxiliary police forces said they are turning to Taiwan to fill ...
  6. A policeman stands guard outside a hotel in Singapore on June 7, 2012

    Singaporean auxiliary police are paid more than foreign officers: Certis CISCO

    Corporals get the same starting salary regardless of nationality, but the bonus paid to Singaporeans is higher, says Certis CISCO, adding that the ...
  7. A policeman stands guard outside a hotel in Singapore on June 7, 2012

    Private security companies to hire Taiwanese as auxiliary police in Singapore

    Both Certis CISCO and AETOS traditionally hire Singaporeans and Malaysians, but cite the shortage of local manpower in their decision to look ...