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  1. Charles Chong Thum collage

    Thum Ping Tjin ‘engineered’ academic support for himself after hearing on Deliberate Online Falsehoods: Charles Chong

    An email exchange between two members of Project Southeast Asia suggests that there has been “a coordinated attempt, with foreign actors involved, ...
  2. Charles Chong and Thum Ping Tjin

    Thum Ping Tjin ‘must expect to be questioned’ when views are put to Select Committee: Charles Chong

    Responding to an open letter signed by about 230 academics from around the world in support of Dr Thum, Mr Chong said that their concerns about ...
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    Commentary: Go beyond addressing deliberate online falsehoods to encourage a thinking society

    The Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods began its hearings on Wednesday (Mar 14). Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish discusses how we ...
  4. select committee on online falsehoods

    Select Committee formed to study deliberate online falsehoods

  5. charles chong at mps after surgery

    MP Charles Chong holds first meet-the-people session after liver transplant

    "I feel sufficiently well to carry out constituency work and I really feel great," Mr Chong tells Channel NewsAsia. He had a liver transplant on ...
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    MP Charles Chong 'courageous' to stand in Punggol East despite liver condition: Ng Eng Hen

    “The prospect of a liver transplant would have caused any one of us to at least reduce our activities, review our life’s goals but certainly not ...
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    MP Charles Chong recovering after liver transplant

    Member of Parliament (MP) for Punggol East SMC Charles Chong revealed that he had undergone a liver transplant on Dec 1, and that his younger son, ...
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    Punggol East MP Charles Chong on 8 weeks' medical leave

    Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MPs will support Punggol East's meet-the-people sessions, said Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National ...
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    PM Lee to nominate new Speaker when Parliament next meets

    PM Lee Hsien Loong will nominate a new Speaker of Parliament when Parliament next meets, following the resignation of Mr Michael Palmer. Meantime, ...