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  1. Singapore night skyline

    ‘We agonised over this’: Chee Hong Tat explains tightening of foreign worker quota for services sector

    A number of MPs raised their concerns in Parliament on Tuesday (Feb 26), while some suggested how businesses can deal with the challenge.
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    SMS Chee Hong Tat highlights three strategies to grow Singapore's economy

    The Government will pro-actively seek feedback from businesses, cut red tape, and provide a safe space for experimentation, in order to be ...
  3. What bold changes are in store for Singapore? Chee Hong Tat weighs in
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    What bold changes are in store for Singapore? Chee Hong Tat weighs in

    Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat speaks to Channel NewsAsia’s Eugenia Lim about how to shape a vibrant Singapore economy, after several ...
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    Commentary: The buffet metaphor for integrated shield plan riders only goes so far

    There are limits to the buffet syndrome metaphor when it comes to dealing with integrated shield plans with zero co-payment coverage, says one ...
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    5% co-payment for new Integrated Shield Plan riders to help address over-consumption of medical services

    New riders will have a cap on the co-payment amount each year, with most insurers planning new riders with an annual cap of S$3,000.