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  1. Man

    Keeping Colorectal Cancer at Bay

    While still the most common cancer in Singapore, survival rates are rising thanks to early diagnosis and advanced treatment methods.
  2. Vitamin B12 pills

    Taking certain vitamins during breast cancer chemo tied to recurrence, death: Study

    Patients with breast cancer who use supplements during chemotherapy may be at an increased risk of recurrence and death, a new study suggests.
  3. Old Men

    It’s a Guy Thing - Prostate Cancer

    Though difficult to detect during the early stages, diagnostics and new treatment methods mean that men diagnosed with prostate cancer can ...
  4. LUNG 2

    Better Odds in Fighting Lung Cancer

    The tide is starting to turn on lung cancer with improved diagnostics and a familiar ally, the body’s own immune system. But second-hand smoke and ...
  5. Dr Wong 2

    Positive About Breast Cancer, Even at Triple Negative

    Still the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Singapore, doctors are helping victims overcome odds even in the face of aggressive triple ...
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    Chemotherapy has long been the main form of treatment for cancers like Lymphoma. But now with targeted therapy and immunotherapy, patients can ...
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    Getting ahead of head and neck cancers

    Early diagnosis is key, especially for older and male patients, who tend to be at higher risk