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  1. Scottish lawmakers have voted to ban parents and carers from smacking children

    Scotland votes to ban smacking children

  2. Child, little girl, using mobile phone

    Commentary: Should you install a tracking app on your kids' phones?

    Think twice before tracking your kids, says University of Massachusetts Lowell's Joel Michael Reynolds.
  3. Syria airstrike

    Air raids on market kill 53 in north Syria town

  4. New Content Item

    Stefanie Sun plans to have second child next year

  5. kid crying

    8 steps to teaching your children to think before they act

    Kids can do and say the most embarrassing things. Here’s how to help them rein it in and be a better person.
  6. Ambulance Brazil fire

    Ninth child dies after Brazilian nursery school fire

  7. desmond lee at foster care week

    More families needed to foster older children: Desmond Lee

  8. children playing generic

    Commentary: As a father of four, I wished I had my kids earlier, says 'The Perfect Father' blogger

    While having children comes with heavy responsibilities and a lot of pain, father of four Steven Teo reveals why he wished he had them earlier.
  9. Sick child - palliative care

    Commentary: More than a village needed to raise youths with complex care needs

    We need to support youths living with congenital conditions. They have significant complex care needs but have little public visibility, says Dr ...
  10. CNB arrests

    Commentary: How far should we go to identify radicalised individuals?

    As the threat of terrorism looms large, Singapore should welcome a stronger response says RSIS' Dr Jolene Jerard. But how do we ensure we do not ...