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  1. desmond lee interview soil play

    Commentary: Outdoor learning has huge benefits for students and teachers and should be done more

    Taking lessons outside can do wonders for children's education and well-being, say researchers at Swansea University Emily Marchant, Charlotte ...
  2. dad parent and child at the beach

    Commentary: Is your child too clingy? Here's how to help them grow independence

    Children can show clingy behaviour at any stage up to late primary school, psychologist Elizabeth Westrupp points out.
  3. Child playing with water at swimming pool

    Commentary: Swimming deaths – how to build children’s independence without compromising safety?

    Parents are faced with the daily tension between letting go so that the child grows in independence, and knowing when a situation poses grave ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Child prodigies arise from involved parenting

    Educational psychologist, Kenneth A Kiewra, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, takes a closer look at parents’ influence in shaping child ...
  5. Matt Cox daughter walks 8km to school

    Commentary: Why shaming your children on social media makes things worse

    Harsh parenting can destroy your child's self-respect and ruin their lives, one observer points out.
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    Commentary: London's air pollution is affecting children's lung development

    There are positive signs that air pollution levels in London's low-emission traffic zones are falling, and more needs to be done to arrest the ...
  7. child playing piano

    Commentary: Stop nagging your child to practise their musical instrument

    There are better ways to encourage your child to learn music than to nag at them, says one music professor.
  8. Child watching TV

    Commentary: Kids lying is developmentally normal

    But persistent lying can become a concern worth consulting your doctor or mental heath expert over, say two researchers.