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  1. A child being tickled by an adult in the tummy

    Commentary: Am I a bad mum for leaving my kid in childcare while returning to work?

    Research shows modern caregiving arrangements does not adversely impact child development in the way we think it does, says Children’s Society Lin ...
  2. Preschool teacher

    Commentary: Why do parents still pay top dollar for pre-schools when there are more affordable options?

    Doubling the early childhood education budget may make high-quality pre-schools accessible to more, says Annie Tan.
  3. Generic preschool image

    330 childcare centres to raise full-day fees in 2020: ECDA

  4. childcare centre singapore

    Commentary: The dangers of leaving our kids with a childcare centre or babysitter – how real are the risks?

    I’ve experienced my fair share of worry from hiring our first helper to my child’s first experience with a childcare centre, says mum June Yong.
  5. file photo of a baby

    Commentary: Infant deaths and the shock of waking up to a lifeless baby

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has formulated a policy on safe infant sleep given the rising figures of infant deaths, says one Indiana ...