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  1. ecda

    Childcare subsidies to be reviewed

  2. Taiwan nanny abuse

    Taiwan to revoke licence of nanny caught slapping baby

  3. childcare children

    Pre-schools piloting infant and toddler co-sharing spaces

    The initiative is part of a new Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map which includes other pilots such as centralised food catering and bus ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: In defence of indulgent grandparents who help raise grandchildren

    Grandparents play a positive role in their grandchildren’s welfare, even if they do serve ice cream for breakfast, says the Financial Times’ Emma ...
  5. father and child

    Commentary: IKEA’s month-long paternity leave a shining example to be followed

    Research shows that children, families and society benefit when fathers take paternity leave, argues NUS’ Wei Jun Jean Yeung. It may also increase ...
  6. children eating at MOE kindergarten

    All Early Years Centres to be within 1km of an MOE kindergarten

    This will make it more convenient for parents and grandparents ferrying kids around, says PCF’s CEO Victor Bay in a Talking Point discussion on ...
  7. child sleep

    Changing childcare settings can affect kids' sleep

  8. New Content Item

    National Day Rally: KidSTART initiative likely to be expanded

    The initiative, which helps children from low-income families to have a good start in life, has received promising feedback, says Prime Minister ...