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  1. Nigaria building collapse escavator

    Dozens of children trapped in collapsed Lagos building

  2. Asthma child

    Kids with asthma may struggle in school

  3. displaced Iraqis

    Some 20,000 Iraqis could return from Syria in weeks: Red Cross

  4. NYT lonely woman pixabay goodinteractive

    Commentary: Should social status matter in deciding whether to switch careers?

    Former journalist Lucy Kellaway found something else that's worth more than her social status in her new job as a teacher.
  5. A vial of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and an information sheet is seen at Boston Children≈

    Measles vaccine doesn't cause autism, even in high-risk kids

  6. sad, depressed, woman struggles with depression, mental health

    Commentary: Helicopter parenting has caused British teenagers to be unhappy

    Childhood has become tame, making young people of today less resilient than previous generations, authors Rob Creasy and Fiona Corby point out.
  7. Premature baby

    New wireless monitors will let parents cuddle fragile newborns

  8. Eczema due to haze

    Kids with eczema may sleep poorly