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    Depressed kids more likely to play choking game

  2. Nathanael, aged five years and one month, is sent to take a train by himself for the first time.

    Are Singaporean pre-schoolers more independent than we think they can be?

    It’s been said before that Singaporeans tend to be helicopter parents. But one group of parents have decided to let go, and send their tiny tots ...
  3. Matt Cox daughter walks 8km to school

    Commentary: Why shaming your children on social media makes things worse

    Harsh parenting can destroy your child's self-respect and ruin their lives, one observer points out.
  4. (ll) Devika Satheesh

    Life after being molested as a child: Confusion, anger and forgiveness

    The legal process keeps track of what happens to a person who sexually abuses children, from the point of arrest to conviction and sentencing. But ...
  5. Chinese ice boy

    Commentary: A year on, China’s 'Ice Boy' a media superstar, but a generation of left-behind children remain forgotten

    It is heartwarming to see Wang Fuman living a better life today but the story for others who suffer from the same plight isn’t as warm and fuzzy, ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Various types of breakfast cereals are seen on display for sale at the American Food St

    TV ads for sugary cereal do influence kids' breakfast cravings

    Young children are more likely to demand specific sugary cereals for breakfast when they have seen television ads for these products, a U.S. study ...