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  1. Mohamed Daniel Mohamad Nasser 1

    Need to see if legal framework is adequate: Shanmugam on abused toddler case

    The Law and Home Affairs Minister says it is "heartbreaking" to read what the two-year-old child went through as he was "ruthlessly tortured for ...
  2. New Content Item

    Couple who tortured 2-year-old boy sentenced to jail

    The mother of the boy and her boyfriend physically abused the boy and forced him to stand for hours, clad only in his diapers.
  3. FIle photo of child abuse

    Couple found guilty of ‘horrific, inhumane’ abuse of 2-year-old boy

    Zaidah and Zaini Jamari made little Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser stand with his hands on his head for hours, and forced chilli down his throat.