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  1. Modern Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

    Definitively Chinese, not Chinois: The new generation of Chinese restaurants

    Modern Chinese restaurants in Singapore were once built on Chinois, that romanticised notion of what China holds according to colonialist Western ...
  2. Steamed Black Truffle Char Siew Bun (3pc)

    Paradise Teochew launches 'innovative' dim sum menu for a limited time

    The restaurant’s Innovative Dim Sum menu is available from now until Aug 31. But is it all that innovative? We took a taste test to find out.
  3. Cultural appropriation of food

    Is culinary cultural appropriation a thing in multi-ethnic Singapore?

    Our culinary classics are a rojak unto themselves. So when does inspiration turn into appropriation?
  4. Best Dumplings for Dragonboat festival Singapore 2020

    Once ‘fast food’ for farmers: How rice dumplings have evolved over the years

    We look forward to new zong zi flavours every year, but do you remember the lore and history behind them?
  5. Virus threatens Chinese Tradition of Chopsticks

    Virus threatens Chinese traditions of chopsticks and family-style meals

    China’s government is promoting using serving utensils to help curb spreading the coronavirus, but resistance is strong – sharing food with ...
  6. Australia’s stance over COVID-19 may impact international student industry | Video
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    Australia’s stance over COVID-19 may impact international student industry | Video

    Australia’s two-week ban on Chinese passport holders entering the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak will be reviewed on Feb 14, but it is ...
  7. A farmer inspects the soil ahead of planting at a maize field in Wesselsbron, a small maize farming
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    Chinese companies venture into large-scale agriculture farming in Africa | Video

    Many Chinese companies are going into large-scale agriculture farming in Africa with mixed results. In Uganda, with the introduction of Chinese ...
  8. Malcolm Wood

    This extreme sports enthusiast/restauranteur can go without food for days

    Malcolm Wood, founder of luxe Chinese eatery Mott 32 in Marina Bay Sands, says there are lots of similarities between extreme sports and running a ...
  9. Frederick Chavalit Tsao is chairman of regional conglomerate IMC Pan Asia Alliance (IMC PAA) Group

    Philanthropist Fred Tsao is on a mission to make Chinese wellness great again

    The Thailand-born business tycoon is all about fusing Western science and traditional Chinese philosophy to create a new type of wellbeing.