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  1. Statins for lowering cholesterol are among the most prescribed drugs in developed nations

    Early cholesterol treatment lowers heart disease risk: Study

    Treating younger people with high cholesterol levels may help reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke in later life, a major study showed ...
  2. A man has his blood pressure checked at the Remote Area Medical Clinic in Wise, Virginia

    High blood pressure, high cholesterol early in life tied to heart problems later

    People with high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol before age 40 are more likely to have a heart attack later in life than other adults, a ...
  3. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    Doctors aren't offering cholesterol drugs to all eligible patients

  4. Diabetes blood sugar level

    Middle-school screening uncovers diabetes, high cholesterol

    In a small pilot study that screened 45 Ohio middle school students for cardiovascular risk factors, a third of the children had abnormal levels ...
  5. Sunny side up fried eggs

    New study ties egg and cholesterol consumption to heightened risk of heart disease

    After a raft of studies reassuring consumers that eggs are OK to eat, a new report associates an increasing risk of heart disease with the ...
  6. A logo is seen in front of the entrance at the headquarters of French drugmaker Sanofi in Paris

    Sanofi, Regeneron lose US patent challenge to Amgen cholesterol drug

    A U.S. jury on Monday said patents owned by Amgen Inc on its cholesterol drug Rapatha are valid, rejecting a challenge by Regeneron ...
  7. HDL Cholesterol Too Much of a Good Thing

    HDL cholesterol: Too much of a good thing?

    As with many other good things in life, this usually helpful protein is best in moderation.
  8. Eu Yan Sang Herbs Main

    Managing the 3 highs with TCM

    To tackle high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, TCM takes a holistic and customised approach
  9. Learning from our parents’ heart health mistakes NYT

    Learning from our parents’ heart health mistakes

    A high-fat, high-sugar and highly processed diet is no good for our hearts.