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  1. OTRD ep 26 - embracing the digital transformation
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    Ep 26: Embracing The Digital Transformation

    From a giveaway contest to a live stream sale, 3 traditional businesses must face their ultimate challege as they race towards a digital ...
  2. "Chope" a meal for the needy
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    "Chope" a meal for the needy

    A new people-led movement has reached Singapore, where members of the public pre-purchase meals for the needy.
  3. New Content Item
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    Ep 23: Stuck In The Past

    3 digital experts go undercover to help 3 family businesses go digital. But instead, they uncover a tradition of strange fish, fancy lace and beef ...
  4. OTRD ep 25 - much harder than we thought
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    Ep 25: It’s Much Harder Than We Thought

    Kisha creates her first-ever recipe video for Facebook. Jumrin and Yanty bundle their yummy curry pastes and Sambal Belado for Shopee. Jacky ...
  5. OTRD ep 24 - taking the first step
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    Ep 24: Taking The First Step

    From changing their packaging to creating a separate social media profile, how are our 3 traditional businesses faring as they take their first ...
  6. Chope CBO Dinesh Balasingam HERO

    Evolving in crisis: Why Chope is more than a restaurant reservation platform

    How did a restaurant reservation platform cope when dining out became dining in? Dinesh Balasingam, Chief Business Officer of Chope, gives insight ...