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  1. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Biden holds a semiconductor chip

    US Senate mulls US$30 billion in funding to boost chipmaking sector, source says

    US senators are eyeing US$30 billion in funding for a package of measures aimed at supercharging the U.S. chipmaking industry that was approved ...
  2. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

    Democrats may move forward on COVID-19 aid without Republicans: Schumer

    Democrats in the US Senate will act alone to approve a fresh round of coronavirus stimulus if Republicans do not support the measure, Majority ...
  3. US President-elect Joe Biden speaks about the US economy

    Biden hopes for post-Trump progress on COVID-19 stimulus

    US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Wednesday that he and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi have formally invited Senate ...
  4. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer

    Commentary: Here's how the US govt shutdown will end

    A study of 18 US government shutdowns since 1977 has surprising findings, says one observer.