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  1. Sunday's attacks saw suicide bombers target churches during Easter services and high-end hotels

    Singaporeans advised to defer non-essential travel to Sri Lanka after attacks

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (Apr 21) advised Singaporeans to defer all non-essential travel to Sri Lanka after 290 people were ...
  2. Sri Lankan security personnel walk through debris in St Sebastian's Church

    Sri Lanka blasts: Police say suicide bombers involved in two attacks

  3. Sri Lankan military officials stand guard in front of the St. Anthony's Shrine, Kochchikade ch

    Two more blasts hit Sri Lanka, government orders night curfew

  4. Sri Lanka families of victims

    Sri Lanka blasts: Death toll hits 290, hundreds injured

  5. Map of South Africa locating Ndlangubo, where a church collapsed on April 18

    13 killed in church collapse in South Africa

    Thirteen people were killed and 16 injured when part of a church collapsed on worshippers following a violent storm near the eastern South African ...
  6. Every Good Friday several men are nailed to a cross in a re-enactment of the crucifixtion of Jesus

    Extreme Easter: Flogging, crucifixions in Philippines

  7. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI

    Ex-pope Benedict blames Church sex abuse crisis on Revolution of '68

  8. Pope Francis issued the stark 'fake news' warning in a letter to young people around the

    Pope warns against hate-fomenting 'fake news'

    Internet-based "fake news" is fomenting prejudice and hatred, Pope Francis said on Tuesday, warning our culture "has lost its sense of truth and ...
  9. Philippine Army members secure area outside a church after bombing attack in Jolo

    Explainer: Who is behind the Philippine church bombings?

    Philippines security forces investigating a deadly twin bombing at a church on a predominantly Muslim southern island are zeroing in on what they ...