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    Libyan authorities say they recover 34 bodies from IS mass grave

  2. Smoke billows from the scene of an explosion in Mogadishu

    Suicide car bombers kill at least 22 in Somalia

    Suicide attackers set off two car bombs at a hotel near the headquarters of Somalia's Criminal Investigations Department in Mogadishu on Friday, ...
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    Singapore’s 1st female CID chief: ‘There is no glass ceiling in the police’

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    Singapore remote gambling syndicate busted during Euro football season

    The suspects are believed to have received more than S$200,000 in soccer bets in the last two weeks, police say.
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    104 arrested for loansharking activities in police blitz

    The 81 men and 23 women were arrested in a three-day islandwide operation, the Singapore Police Force says.
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    Fifth suspect involved in 2011 counterfeit casino chips case arrested in Malaysia

    The 40-year-old Malaysian will be charged in court on Wednesday for his suspected involvement in a case of counterfeit casino chips at Marina Bay ...
  7. Handcuffs

    4 Singaporeans arrested for Penang kidnapping case

    A 29-year-old woman was asked for US$250,0000 in ransom for the release of her fiance. He was held against his will in Penang, along with his brother.