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  1. Spanish Civil guards check cigarettes seized

    Spain uncovers underground counterfeit cigarette factory

    Spanish police have uncovered a counterfeit cigarette factory in a bunker four metres (13 feet) underground and rescued six Ukrainian workers who ...
  2. A street vendor holds cigarettes as he serves a consumer in Jakarta

    Indonesia to raise cigarette prices by more than a third at start of 2020

    Indonesia will raise the minimum price of cigarettes by more than a third from January next year, a finance ministry spokesman said on Friday, as ...
  3. Cigarette butts, the forgotten killer plastic pollution

    Commentary: Cigarette butts, the forgotten killer plastic pollution

    Cigarette butts or filters are the most littered item on the planet, Anglia Ruskin University's Danielle Green points out.
  4. cigarette display

    Paying the price for failing to check ID: How tobacco retailers are caught selling to underage buyers

    Shops that were caught said that the cashiers on duty were either foreign, new, or both.