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  1. Bat signal LA

    Los Angeles lights up City Hall with Batman signal

  2. Russia protest Jun13

    Navalny jailed, 1,500 arrested after protests across Russia

  3. Symbolic key to Prague

    President Tony Tan receives key to city of Prague

  4. Woman in Hanbok in Buchon

    Seoul Discovery: Visiting the South Korean capital

    What this high-energy city has in store might surprise you.
  5. we are not afraid

    #WeAreNotAfraid, Londoners declare after Westminster attack

    In the wake of the deadly terrorist attack at Westminster, social media users banded together to show their support for those affected by the tragedy.
  6. Anti-Trump protesters march in New York

    Thousands of anti-Trump protesters say 'not my president'

    About 10,000 anti-Trump protesters marched in New York to shouts of "not my president!" on Monday, joined by others in cities across the United ...
  7. New Content Item

    18 months’ jail for man who threatened to bomb City Hall

    Sze Kai Xuan's hoax about bombing City Hall resulted in about 95 per cent of the Public Transport Security Command manpower being diverted to ...
  8. Japan elderly woman

    Lost and found: Japan tags dementia sufferers with barcodes

    A Japanese city has introduced a novel way to keep track of senior citizens with dementia who are prone to getting lost - tagging their fingers ...
  9. protests in union square

    Protesters take to US streets over Trump victory

    In Chicago, roughly 1,000 people attempted to gather outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower downtown while chanting phrases like "No Trump!