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  1. An official from the election commission carries a ballot box to count the votes, a day after the p

    Nepal leftist alliance appears heading for election victory

    A leftist alliance between Nepal’s former Maoist rebels and moderate communists appeared to be heading for a victory in elections aimed at ...
  2. Nepal vote

    Nepal votes in final round of historic polls

  3. An election officer sets up a booth at a polling station a day ahead of the parliamentary and provi

    Nepal votes in final round of polls at the end of long democratic transition

    Nepalis began voting in the final round of parliamentary elections on Thursday, a key step to complete a near decade-long democratic transition ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Yemen's then President Ali Abdullah Saleh gestures during a gathering of supporter

    Former Yemeni strongman Saleh played his last hand and lost

    Yemen's steely former president of 33 years, Ali Abdullah Saleh, made his last political gamble and lost on Monday, meeting his death at the hands ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Yemen's then President Ali Abdullah Saleh points during an interview with selected

    Yemen's ex-president Saleh shot dead after switching sides in civil war

    The radio station of Yemen's Houthi-controlled interior ministry said on Monday the militia's former war ally, ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, ...
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    Nepal to elect new parliament after years of instability