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  1. on the job clearing plate

    On The Job as a food court cleaner: Exhausting work which could be easier if people cleared their own plates  

    In a Channel NewsAsia's series profiling some of Singapore’s essential but underappreciated jobs, Jalelah Abu Baker tries her hand at working as a ...
  2. James Dyson

    Dyson to make electric cars by 2020

  3. New Content Item
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    Man behind taxi hijack at airport gets 25 months' jail

    A China national -- who hijacked a taxi, crashed it into the then-Budget Terminal, and caused the death of an airport staff -- has been sentenced ...
  4. New Content Item

    Budget 2017: Enhancing vehicle incentive schemes for a cleaner environment

    Finance Minister Heng Sweet Keat says the changes to the schemes are aimed at nudging car buyers towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles.
  5. Suntec Coundown New Year's party clean-up

    After the New Year parties, the big clean-up begins

    According to the National Environment Agency, an average of 35,000 kilogrammes of waste is generated by New Year's Eve countdowns each year.
  6. Cleaner

    Cleaners to get S$200 raise in monthly salary by 2019

    A review by the Tripartite cluster for Cleaners has recommended that cleaners receive increments of S$60 in 2017 and 2018, and S$80 in 2019 to ...
  7. Cleaner

    Toilet cleaners to get more recognition: Restroom Association

    Respondents of an online survey cited cleanliness as the most important factor in using a public toilet, most agree cleaners should be recognised ...
  8. ITF littering

    Are fewer dustbins, not fines, the better way to curb littering?

    With littering fines at a 6-year high in Singapore, some look to Taiwan for lessons on keeping clean, not cleaned.