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  1. Woman cleaner holding handphone to camera

    The next YouTube trend: Watching people clean their houses

    In this corner of YouTube, you can watch someone else clean the house – and you won’t be alone.
  2. Improve your life with these tiny chores HERO

    Home improvement: You can improve your life with these tiny chores

    Completing these five home projects – like undergoing a good spring cleaning – will give you and your home a fresh start in the new year.
  3. TP ep 17 - clean homes
    Media playtime

    Ep 17: How Clean Is My Home?

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak, major retailers have seen the sales of household cleaning products gone up up. But does this translate to cleaner ...
  4. Deep cleaning your home

    Thinking of deep cleaning your home? Here’s what you need to look out for

    Cleaning experts in Singapore share their tips on keeping viruses and germs at bay indoors.
  5. cleaning the house

    Want to know the secret to deep cleaning?

    If you’ve been cooped up at home for a couple of months, it’s time to clean house – and not in a superficial way. Here’s how the pros do it.
  6. NYT have i been cleaning wrong

    Have you been cleaning all wrong? Here's the right way, according to the experts

    Many household disinfectants promise to kill 99.9 per cent of germs, but some of us might be cleaning too swiftly to let them do their job.