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  1. With the circuit breaker over, safe distancing on public transport is said to be almost impossible.

    As Singapore reopens, public transport’s cleaning regime takes a safety test

    With ridership on trains and buses increasing, what is being done to safeguard commuters from the coronavirus, and are the measures enough? The ...
  2. The restaurant Peppercorn, which was located in Kampong Glam, in better times.

    Why COVID-19 proved too much for one of Singapore’s few halal mala restaurants

    Peppercorn owner James Tan found it challenging from the time he started selling mala soup. But he was planning to extend his lease until COVID-19 ...
  3. To help her twin daughters, Jacqueline Ang gave them big soft toys to hug for comfort.

    Navigating taboos, parents grapple with sexual stirrings of children with special needs

    When puberty struck, one conservative mother had to learn to support her girls' sexual development while coming up against the taboo around the topic.
  4. Fishermen aboard a boat in Thailand's Pattani province in 2015, amid a crackdown on illegal fishing.

    Thailand’s seafood slavery: Why the abuse of fishermen just won't go away

    Despite the efforts of the government, exploitation in Thai fisheries still occurs owing to lax inspections, the withholding of wages and evasive ...
  5. The Philippines has seen a surge in beauty contests and pageant hopefuls in the past decade.

    After years of silence, the ugly truth behind beauty contests in Philippines

    From sexual propositions to social isolation to the illicit use of steroids, the programme Undercover Asia uncovers the dark underbelly of the ...
  6. "Ji Sen", in the brown hat, on holiday with his family last year. He hasn't seen them since Mar 17.

    Malaysian boy lives alone in Singapore for months, so that he won’t miss school during COVID-19 outbreak

    Left without adult supervision owing to COVID-19, this 14-year-old has had to learn to cook, do housework and deal with homesickness just to ...
  7. P David Marshel, a municipal councillor in Penang, uncovers shady alcohol in a corner shop.

    From face masks to alcohol, fake goods in Malaysia are putting lives in danger

    Today, counterfeiters are targeting not only luxury brands but a range of goods, and some of the trends are frightening because of the products ...
  8. People in Sembawang chatting — and connecting — with one another during the "circuit breaker".

    Mental well-being during COVID-19: The rise of intimate sharing sessions with strangers

    As informal initiatives spring up to help people talk about what they’re going through, many find it easier to open up than they thought. Can this ...
  9. Grab drivers Wong Leng Pheng and Roy Lee were among the first few to sign up with GrabResponse.

    They volunteered to drive suspected COVID-19 cases to hospital. This is what their life is like

    From wearing personal protective equipment on the roads to receiving curious looks and surprising their passengers when they pull up — these ...
  10. Connie Sun's immediate thoughts when she learned about her cancer diagnosis were of her son, Ian.

    Far from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Singaporean new mum fights cancer

    Connie Sun discovered she had breast cancer in South Korea, but owing to travel restrictions, she could not leave with her husband and child to ...