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  1. Future of co-living co-working spaces in Singapore

    Is safe distancing enough to save Singapore’s co-working and co-living spaces?

    As employers and employees look for flexible solutions amid global economic uncertainty in a post-pandemic environment, will co-working and ...
  2. Alex Storey, founder of DeskElate

    This new co-working platform gives you access to multiple unique venues

    Alex Storey, founder of DeskElate, tells CNA Luxury how his innovative co-working model will bring spaces and users together.
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    Commentary: Booming co-working spaces part of the new economy, but regulatory frameworks remain outdated

    Policymakers must bear in mind that co-working spaces can have a disruptive effect on existing markets, say observers from Curtin University.
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    M&A deals flourish in Singapore’s co-working market as competition heats up

    The deals, which include WeWork’s acquisition of Singapore's Spacemob, come as co-working space operators scale up rapidly to fend off ...