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    When it comes to climate change, why is CO2 public enemy number one? | EP 2

    This week Jaime Ho talks to Dr Benjamin Horton about a gas that is critically linked to climate change. It is what we produce as humans, ...
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    Getting down to the big picture science of climate change | EP 1

    In the first episode of this podcast series, Jaime Ho sits down with Dr Winston Chow a climate scientist to break down the science. What exactly ...
  3. Ice navigator Paul Ruzycki of Canada looks on aboard the Greenpeace's "Arctic Sunrise&quo

    Commentary: Feedback loops lead to warmer Arctic temperatures arriving earlier than predicted

    What is happening in the coldest regions of the world is a sign of just how bad things will be for the rest of the world, says an observer.
  4. PSG player Marquinhos

    World's top 20 football players caused 505 tonnes of CO2 emissions: Study

    Air travel by the top 20 footballers nominated for the 2019 Ballon d'Or was responsible for producing 505 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions ...