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  1. SCBA Committee (L to R) - Colin Chia, David Nguyen-Luu, Charmaine Thio

    Singapore Cocktail Bar Association launches S$120,000 fund to support bar staff

    Those who have lost their jobs or taken salary cuts of more than 30 per cent can apply for financial assistance from the fund.
  2. A barman stirs the newly invented cocktail "Coronavirus" in a bar in Moscow

    Feeling anxious? Moscow bar sells ‘coronavirus’ cocktail to calm nerves

    A Moscow bar began selling a tongue-in-cheek colourful drink to ‘lower the tension and panic’ of Moscovites.
  3. Around the world in 7 bars, Singapore

    Around the world in 7 bars: Experience the world, glass by glass

    No worries if your travel plans are on hold; you can still embark on a globetrotting bar crawl, right here in Singapore.
  4. Bars that use fermented ingredients in cocktails

    ‘Adult versions of Yakult’: Fermented fruit find their way into cocktails

    Taking their cue from chefs and their current love for all things fermented, bars in Singapore are making cocktails with fermented ingredients.
  5. Bacardi Premium

    Remember drinking rum and coke back in the day? Rum has a new image now

    Bacardi’s new aged rums attempt to move the spirit away from its traditional image as a drink mixer.
  6. gin and tonic

    Love a good gin and tonic? Time to up your game

    Go beyond the usual house pour gin and raise the bar at home with these bottles of botanical goodness.