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  1. PM Lee Oct25

    US reviewing Asia policy, but 'nobody is talking about disengaging': PM Lee

    PM Lee Hsien Loong says while the new US administration is reviewing and developing its trade and foreign policies towards Asia, he takes comfort ...
  2. dog run 2

    Commentary: Baby steps towards First World animal welfare in Singapore

    The recently released code of conduct for pet owners not only educates them on expected standards of care, it also sets the right tone for animal ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: To manage the South China Sea dispute, keep incidents at sea in check

    What the dispute needs is better coordination and understanding on the ground, as negotiations over the Code of Conduct remain fraught with ...
  4. Dr Balakrishnan on Korea

    'Horrendous' human price if hostilities break out on Korean Peninsula: Dr Balakrishnan

  5. Asia Default Image

    'Urgent homework' to be done on South China Sea Code of Conduct: Vivian Balakrishnan

    ASEAN has set a deadline for completing a framework for a Code of Conduct (COC) on the South China Sea by June this year, says Singapore's Foreign ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    China and Vietnam to 'manage' differences over South China Sea: Communique

    After 'candid' discussions, the two countries agreed to 'manage well their maritime difference, avoid actions that complicate the situation and ...
  7. New Content Item

    29 summonses issued for cycling in prohibited areas in a year: Khaw

    The Government will also be introducing new rules and a code of conduct for cycling and the use of personal mobility devices, the Transport ...