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  1. Composite of US Vice-President Mike Pence and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    Commentary: APEC reveals irreconcilable visions of the future between US, China

    The many handshakes, photo ops and positive sounding joint statements at the APEC summit could not mask the reality of hardening US-China ...
  2. Donald Trump (3)

    Trump says talks with North Korea's Kim in 'May or early June'

  3. FPDA exercise British ships

    Commentary: A past littered with Brexits shaped great power politics in Asia

    Brexit is not a new phenomenon, and the UK’s retreat after World War II offers valuable lessons, argues Ngoei Wen-Qing.
  4. Asia Default Image

    China warns US after Mattis says Senkaku islands covered by treaty

    China warned the United States Saturday not to destabilise East Asia after Donald Trump's new defence secretary said an island chain claimed by ...
  5. OSCE file officials

    OSCE confirms 'major' cyber attack

    "Early November the OSCE became aware of a major information security incident," OSCE spokeswoman Mersiha Causevic Podzic told AFP via email.
  6. Hawaii Shinzo Abe

    Abe's Pearl Harbor pilgrimage underlines US-Japan ties

    Abe will be hosted by US President Barack Obama, who quits office next month. That means Abe will soon lead Japan into uncharted waters, after ...
  7. New Content Item

    EU, Cuba sign pact to normalise relations

    The EU and Cuba on Monday (Dec 12) signed a deal to normalise ties that had been blocked for decades by human rights concerns under revolutionary ...