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  1. File photo of Sim Lim Square

    Sim Lim Square retail mall makes second run for collective sale

  2. File photo of Sim Lim Square

    Sim Lim Square extends en bloc tender deadline as prospective bidders consider future hotel

  3. Mandarin Gardens en bloc

    More than 30 en bloc bids fail to find buyers since cooling measures

  4. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Property cooling measures — examining the case for a ‘sledgehammer’

    Uncertainty arising from the latest cooling measures announced early this month has raised concerns with developers, homeowners, and property ...
  5. Tulip Garden

    Tulip Garden makes fourth attempt at collective sale at S$753m

  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: What happens when the en bloc musical chairs stop?

    Two National University of Singapore experts discuss the impact of collective sales on the private housing market, including whether prices will ...
  7. New Content Item

    Jalan Besar Plaza put up for en bloc sale again at S$390m