collective sale

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  1. Tulip Garden

    Tulip Garden makes fourth attempt at collective sale at S$753m

  2. condo showroom

    Commentary: What happens when the en bloc musical chairs stop?

    Two National University of Singapore experts discuss the impact of collective sales on the private housing market, including whether prices will ...
  3. File Photo Jalan Besar Plaza

    Jalan Besar Plaza put up for en bloc sale again at S$390m

  4. Jervois Gardens up for collective sale

    Amber Park, Jervois Gardens join fast-growing list of en bloc sale launches

    The two properties were put up for collective sale on Monday (Aug 28) as the en bloc fever continues to heat up in Singapore.
  5. Singapore residential housing

    Commentary: The ugly supply-side dynamics that can temper an en bloc frenzy

    We are likely to see more successful residential collective sale deals in 2017. But developers beware the nasty disputes that may arise among ...