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  1. carbon emissions

    Commentary: What if governments and firms measure the one thing that matters most – carbon productivity?

    Labour productivity is less important than you might think. People are not a finite resource, but allowable carbon emissions are, says an expert.
  2. Sundaresh Menon delivers the S Rajaratnam Lecture 2019

    Commentary: Rule of law is an 'existential necessity' for Singapore

    Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on Wednesday (Oct 15) delivered the S Rajaratnam Lecture 2019 on the rule of law, the international legal order and ...
  3. Electronic patient chart at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego

    Commentary: Singaporeans plan our whole lives, so why not our deaths?

    Planning our end-of-life care can help our loved ones deal with difficult decisions and cope during a period of grief, yet Singaporeans don’t seem ...