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  1. Tibet: Mysterious And Misunderstood
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    Tibet: Mysterious And Misunderstood

    This week on CNA Correspondent, we take a closer look at mysterious and misunderstood Tibet, a region that's usually out of bounds for foreign ...
  2. Economic slowdown confronts China as it celebrates 70th anniversary | Video
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    Economic slowdown confronts China as it celebrates 70th anniversary | Video

    China has ploughed 8.5 per cent of its annual GDP into infrastructure since 1992, according to a research. This has helped drive growth in ...
  3. Workers prepares an iron grid for welding at a construction site in the Central Business District (

    Explainer: What to watch at the fifth plenum of China's Communist Party

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and members of the Central Committee, the biggest of the ruling Communist Party's elite decision-making bodies, are ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: China's striker Hao haidong and Iraq's Basim Abbas chase a loose ball...

    China says former football star's call for ouster of Communist Party is 'absurd'

    China on Friday called retired soccer star Hao Haidong's remarks "absurd" after the celebrated player called for the ouster of the ruling ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Graduates pose for picture in front of statue of late Chinese leader Mao after graduati

    Change to Chinese university's charter dropping 'freedom of thought' stirs debate

    Changes to the charter of one of China's top universities including the dropping of the phrase "freedom of thought" and inclusion of a pledge to ...
  6. National People's Congress

    China's parliament opens focused on Xi's power play

    Nearly 3,000 delegates from across China will gather at the Great Hall of the People to sign off on the Communist Party's agenda during the ...
  7. Sun Zhengcai, Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary, chats with China's Vice Premie

    Commentary: Intrigue in Chongqing again before leadership reshuffle

    How will Sun Zhengcai’s removal as Chongqing party boss impact Beijing and Singapore? Peh Shing Huei explores the intrigue behind the sudden ...